1. Jo

    “I am SO delighted with the design you and Eliza came up with. I keep gazing at my model with delight - thank you so much for all the care and thought you have put into this.”

  2. Peter

    “Thank you for looking after our interests so assiduously throughout the year ..” (new home under construction)

  3. Christine

    “I’m happy that we asked you to design the ‘studio’, not only because you know all the local fire regulations and could whip through the approvals quickly, but also because it is a really lovely building, which blends into the house nicely, has good light, and will provide our guests with a place to stay. We were lucky to find you …”

  4. Jeremy

    “... we are most appreciative of the effort, skill and flair put in all round to achieve what I think will be a well-used and much loved multi-function space.”

  5. Lisa

    “Thank you for coming and presenting your design concept. Whilst we were initially surprised by the concept, we are very happy to have chosen you as our architect. ..most importantly we were encouraged to think more outside the box and make the most of the existing building envelope, which after all, is more environmentally friendly than building another addition.”

  6. Stuart (repeat client)

    “... I have always really appreciated your efforts, experience, advice and direction ...”

  7. Crispin

    “ Just a quick note to say thanks for organising the very enjoyable and informative ECOhomes tour on Saturday. It’s great to get an insight into the fantastic work that you are doing in promoting sustainable solutions in the built environment and in bringing these projects into fruition. I look forward to seeing you next year!!”

  8. Pam S.

    “Thank you so much for the plans, they are so impressive. It is just what we needed – a new idea for our problem – and it feels workable ...”

  9. Monica & Brian W.

    “Our grateful thanks for your listening ears and expertise shared ... Sincere thanks.”

  10. Stuart & Chris J.

    “Have we told you recently what a champion you are for all your hard work and success with getting our project through the difficult approval process...”

  11. Mark

    “Thank you for your prompt approval and processing of the progress claims, thanks again for allowing me to do this project, you have taught me a lot over this period of time and I have enjoyed working with you.”

  12. Sarah

    “Our house is almost finished .. and I just want to reiterate what a wonderful place it is to live. So sunny and friendly, we just love it ... (and) we have just what we wanted... It was a pleasure to work with you.”

  13. Ken Q.

    “On behalf of the Committee and Members .. thank you for helping us with the design plans, access ramp and the heritage study...”

  14. Sally S.

    “Many thanks for your excellent workshop .. and the valuable research carried out ... Everyone is now enthusiastic and ready to move ahead with the .. project..."

  15. Charlie H

    “I don’t know whether I can express how much it means to us to have your guidance on development in Leura. It is not just the support but it is also the gracious and friendly way you help us understand issues and move us in the right direction ...”


  1. Andrew M.

    “Thank you for your fantastic lecture today – passion driving knowledge enriched by experience – a great combination. The students were full of questions after you left. You have embedded a slow release capsule of possibility and creativity. I hope we get to work together again.”

  2. Alan

    “The Building Designers Association of NSW State Conference .. was a resounding success... Your input was extremely valuable in linking all the conference parts together that made it a really cohesive event. We are indebted to you ...”

  3. “Very knowledgeable on content and good interaction with the attendees” “Passionate, well done on a relatively unknown matter.” “Nigel’s personal experience very important to the presentation.” “Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!” Anonymous evaluation comments, Presentation rating average 4.4 /5, 2011 CPD presentation to architects.

Collaborative design

  1. Mike D.

    “As a guest, I listened to your presentation this morning ... with amazement. It is not often that you hear such knowledge and wisdom and see it put into practice. The actions suggested and taken were spot on from where I come from...”

Environmental Design

  1. Dr. Terry Lustig

    "This is to acknowledge my three decades of professional collaboration with Nigel Bell of ECOdesign Architects. In that time, I have had many opportunities to observe the high quality of his work; the breadth and depth of his appreciation of how to incorporate environmental and aesthetic values into his designs in a cost effective manner; his ability to organise and inspire multidisciplinary project teams; and his sensitivity to the client."